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What we do

Tāctica 1-11 ® offers you a way of life. The way to dress is but a mere reflection of that way of life.

It gives you back the adventurous spirit, the aviator spirit that is in all of us and that gives you the strength to take charge of every aspect of your life. When wearing our clothes, you will be noticed from a distance.

Tāctica 1-11 ® will give you the style, class, and elegance of the classic aviator clothes and the values ​​of those who wore them. In addition, our first priority will always be the highest quality of our garments.

In Tāctica 1-11 ® we put at your reach the garments and the materials that you need, offering a performance to the height of the most demanding professionals.

Our tactical / outdoors clothing

Tactica 1-11 ® offers you tactical garments for you to perform all the passions and activities that define your way of life, but equipped as a true elite operator.

Our tactical clothing is made with the highest technology fabrics. We combine top-quality cottons with acrylic and acrylic fabrics, or elastic fabrics and polyesters, which turn our tactical clothing into ultra-robust and wear-resistant garments, while offering unrivaled qualities by other brands in the sector, especially in terms of ergonomics, design, elasticity and impermeability.

This allows our varied range of tactical garments to have its righteous place in the world of hunting, hiking, adventure and even as a simple casual or casual garment.

Táctica 1-11 ® – a way of life