Leather Aviator Pilot Jacket FPS-1


The authentic aviator jacket. Manufactured in 100% thick goatskin leather of the highest quality. It is the quintessential garment of combat pilots. Thick, robust, with impeccable finishes and unsurpassable quality, this jacket will not only keep you warm, but will last you a lifetime.

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The leather pilot jacket FPS-1 is a jacket based on the WWII G-1 model used by allied aviators.

  • Made of thick 100% genuine maximum quality goatskin (2mm) in double layer.
  • Nylon inner lining
  • Sheep wool collar lining
  • Buttons and pull strap for wool collar
  • Double fold and widening on the back (for comfort and flexibility)
  • Embossed Tāctica 1-11 ® logo on the zipper flap
  • Two side pockets with flap and button
  • Side entry pockets under side pockets
  • One inside pocket on each side with snap closure
  • Elastic cuffs and waistband with double layer knit wool coverage
  • Ultra-resistant metal zipper closure
  • Brass circular vents under the armpits

You will not find an aviator jacket with this quality and these finishes at the same price in any other brand. Despite being a garment for the male audience, many women choose to wear this jacket because it is a design that also adapts to many feminine fashions.





This pilot jacket is the first model of the FPS series, which are the initials to whom it is dedicated.

Fernando Pérez Serrano, Lieutenant of the Spanish Air Force and and F / A-18M pilot of the 12th Wing based in Torrejón Air Base, died on October 17th 2017 when his jet crashed after a double engine failure at takeoff while fighting to keep it in the air and heroically avoiding colliding with a mall.

An exemplary military officer. A unique person. Admirable and great in absolutely all aspects of his life, and thus recognized by those who at some point had the privilege of crossing paths with him, or better yet, the honor of being friends with him.

Rest in peace. Those of us who stayed behind will always remember you.

Measurements of the photo model:

Height: 1.87 m Weight: 90 kg Jacket Size: 56

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