GOEXIX Tactical Pants

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The GOEXIX army tactical pants are manufactured with reinforced elastic fabrics and cottons of the best quality. And that’s why they are incredibly comfortable and flexible at the same time, but without losing their resistance.

Comfort without sacrificing resistance is given by elements such as ensuring greater comfort simply by lengthening the “crotch”. To this end, fabric reinforcement has been added to the parts that tend to have greater wear and deterioration simply by use. The same concept has been applied to the knees, so, in addition to the reinforcement, this area has an added elasticity and slack in the middle part (in the hamstring and in the knee area itself). This allows you to bend or flex your legs without your knees getting pulled or injured.

Each side has different pockets: a first small back pocket inside the left back pocket, called “mag pocket”. It also has rear and front pockets and double side pockets; One of them is accessed by a zipper and the other one by a velcro cover. The shape, position and orientation of each of them has been studied to ensure maximum ergonomics and comfortable access.

The bottom of this model is horseshoe shaped, which ensures that the shoe is covered by the pants much more than with a traditional straight low bottom and regardless of movement or even posture.

The Group of Special Operations (GOE) number 19 (XIX) of the Spanish Army is the one who gives name to these pants. They are the proud heirs of the of Special Forces of the Spanish Legion (BOEL).

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