About Tāctica 1-11 ®

Tāctica 1-11 ® is a young, ambitious and rigorous brand born in 2017 to provide people with stylish, classy, and excellent quality garments that last a lifetime. On the other hand, it aims to provide to anyone who, by profession, passion or leisure, is looking for tactical and adventure clothing of the highest quality. Clothing worthy of their way of life and with technical standards comparable to the material used by armed forces and other elite corps while providing the greatest practicality and versatility, combined with good design.

Tāctica 1-11® was born and accompanied by military advisers – from combat pilots to operators of different special forces groups. They have extensive training and experience “in the field” and on international operations which makes them aware of the extreme conditions to which the garments are going to be subjected. Therefore, they elevate them to meet the highest specifications in terms of quality, durability and comfort, but without compromising aesthetics or design at any time.

Tāctica 1-11 ® – a way of life.

Our philosophy

There was a time when the world of aviation was powered by people with admirable qualities: strength of spirit, enterprising, courageous, constant and perseverant; with a courage and innate audacity. Self-made leaders and heroes.

At the same time, these people were creating a community that defined by its class, elegance and style. And from there, everything related to the world of aviation (from traveling to another country to being a combat pilot) was tinged with that same elegance and style. And the biggest reflection of that was the looks.

Tāctica 1-11 ® recovers that style, that class, that elegance, that luxury: that way of life.

Tāctica 1-11 ® – a way of life.